Van De Graaff Generator, Dual Drive, United Scientific

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470332-758EA 20.1 USD
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Van De Graaff Generator, Dual Drive, United Scientific
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
This large Van de Graff generator uniquely offers alternative drive modes, either hand-cranked or motor driven.

  • Runs on electricity or hand driven
  • Generator measures 38×23×76 cm
Excellently constructed, the generator reliably delivers charge and sparks 10 cm long and more immediately on setting it in motion, even under high humidity conditions. In hand-crank mode the amount of charge generated can be seen to increase at higher cranking speeds, while the much faster motor-driven mode delivers a fast succession of sparks. The generator is 76 cm high and features a 28 cm diameter polished steel sphere, which is less vulnerable to dents and scratches than comparably sized aluminum spheres. A further unique feature is a built-in lamp close to the bottom of the belt that delivers a small amount of UV light when turned on. This can be seen to increase demand on the motor power. A set of accessories is included, containing a discharge wand with a grounding cord, an electric plume, an electric whirl, a discharge bulb, a cord for connecting other electrostatic demonstration items, a spare charge belt, and a spare motor drive belt.