Dr. FuelCell® Model Car

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Dr. FuelCell® Model Car
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Alternative Energy Learning Activities
The model car enables the subject of renewable energies to be taught in an understandable manner at a lower secondary school level. Its pre-configured experiments make learning science curricula fun.

  • Immediately ready to use; no further materials are needed
  • Curriculum-oriented instruction manual (Grades 5 to 10) instruction manual and teacher's guide for experiments
  • Fast and easy preparation for classes with materials that can be copied and printed Robust design and exceptional quality
  • Variable setup – fuel cell, solar and hybrid operation hand generator allows for flexible use in any location
  • Teaching materials
Powered by water and sunlight, the Dr. FuelCell Model Car provides a simple and effective demonstration of solar hydrogen technology. With a focus on standard science topics and aligned to NGSS and STEM standards, this car is powered by a miniature version of the same type of fuel cells used in the recently released fuel cell vehicles from the world’s major car manufacturers. A durable, high-quality product designed for classroom use so that students can learn standard science with the very latest technology, as well as investigate important renewable energy topics such fuel cells, solar energy, hydrogen and energy conversion and storage.

Have fun exploring topics such as: energy and energy conversion, properties of matter, chemical reactions, electrolysis, solar power, fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, energy conversion, volts, watts, and amps, to name a few. The course book is written by an award-winning teacher with each experiment designed with both the teacher and student in mind. The car is designed to withstand regular classroom use, is easy-to-use and great for individual or group activities.

Ordering information: Model car basic includes: Reversible fuel cell, solar panel, chassis, instruction material with teacher’s guide, distilled water and cable set.
Model car complete includes all the basic items and these items below: Load measurement box and hand generator.