Co-lab-orate: The Innovative Digital Lab Notebook

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Co-lab-orate: The Innovative Digital Lab Notebook
Software Laboratory Software
Colaborate is a multifunctional lab notebook.

  • Create new labs or import PDFs of labs you already have
  • Easily deliver assignments to all students and classes
  • Import photos, create and edit graphs, tables, and equations
  • Access, complete, or grade hands-on activities using a mobile device, tablet, or laptop
  • Communicate with other students and teachers through comments, or work independently
Co-lab-orate is an innovative digital lab notebook that allows teachers to easily assign lab reports to their classes, and lets their students work individually or together to complete hands-on activities that are easy to access and grade. With co-lab-orate, students don’t have to pivot because they suddenly find themselves learning from home, they just work the way they always do!