Motic Swift Line Digital Classroom Bundles

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MN32-M3802CT-4 MN16-M3802CT-4 MN16-M3604C3 MN8-M3604C3
470337-770EA 29586.25 USD
470337-770 470337-772 470337-766 470337-768
Motic Swift Line Digital Classroom Bundles
All bundles includes MoticNet software licenses.

  • Swift M3600 or M3800 microscopes
  • Moticam X5 WiFi microscope camera with 4.0MP resolution
  • Network cable and router
Today's world, full of social sharing and digital touches, makes this generation's learning environment more interconnected than ever before. Students now find digital media exhilarating and engaging, impacting how they learn. So, how can we use this intrigue to inspire and retain their interest in microscopy? Say hello to the digital classroom.
Students have always been able to label, measure and annotate images using our app, MotiConnect, but now we're taking it to the next level. By linking our digital microscopes together on one network, students can work independently or collaboratively all at the same time. They can share images and discuss them with each other while you monitor everyone's progress in real time.

The Swift M3600 model continues the Swift tradition for quality and innovation. This microscopes features rechargeable LED illumination, built-in handle, built-in mechanical stage and DIN standard 4X, 10X and 40X achromatic objectives.
The Swift M3800 model is packed with standard research features and is ideal for advanced high school, college, veterinarian and medical or technical applications. Combining a new design with curved handle that encourages proper handling, smooth coaxial focusing, trinocular viewing head and 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X objectives, this microscope fits the needs of taxing clinical and student environments.

MoticNet represents the next step in science classroom management. Designed for and inspired by the success of digital microscopes running Motic images application systems. MoticNet allows such digital microscopes to be linked so that one teacher can have full and instant access to any student at any time.
MoticNet offers the teacher a live overview for each student digital microscope station. This overview can be extended to cover a maximum of 48 individual computer stations so that even larger classes can be managed by a single teacher with ease. Knowing instantly what is going on at each station, the teacher can focus on presenting the actual teaching material. Such technology is vital in the coarse of ensuring that no student is left behind.

With digital microscopy at its core, the teacher can not only have a complete overview over each student station, but also control and manipulate the quality and color of each student's microscope image instead of having to walk around the classroom looking down each students microscope, you can now adjust the image and instruct the students from a central location.
Teacher demonstrations are broadcast to the entire class through the simple click of the mouse. Similarly, if one student has something interesting to show, that live image can instantly be routed to the rest of the class.

Software warranty and technical support provided by Motic.