Centripetal Force Kit

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Centripetal Force Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
Investigate centripetal force with this easy to use device.

  • Designed for demonstrations of the force on an object in circular motion
  • Explore the factors impacting centripetal force: path radius, object velocity, etc.
  • Activity guide included
  • Correlates to NGSS Standards MS-PS2-5, HS-PS2-1, and HS-PS2-4
Help students to investigate the force on an object in circular motion with this convenient kit. Through a series of simple demonstrations, students will better understand the relationship between the radius of the circular motion, the velocity of the moving object, and the external force required to maintain the motion.

Kit includes: Rubber stopper attached to cord approximately 1 m in length; Plastic tube with beveled ends; Hanging mass set (12 aluminum weights: 9×20 g, 1×10 g, 2×5 g, and one 50 g aluminum hanger); Paperclip (position marker); Activity guide.