Laser Pointer with Holder

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470339-030EA 40.45 USD
Laser Pointer with Holder
Laser Pointers
Support system to hold the laser pointer steady is included.

  • Holds the laser firmly at any angle
  • Easily engage the 'on' button for prolonged demonstrations
  • Holds any standard sized laser pointer
  • Class IIIa red laser
Laser experiments in reflection, refraction, and diffraction are staples in physics. Holding the laser steady, and in the proper position, is important for experimental consistency. This apparatus that allows users to securely hold a laser pointer at any angle and the clip can hold the toggle button in the 'on' position for extended demonstrations and experiments.

The laser support rod is 8" long and has a vinyl coated clip to hold the laser pointer securely without scratching. The heavy cast iron base measures 4×6" with black enamel finish. The 18" long zinc-plated steel rod has a Ø of ⁵/₁₆". The swivel clamp provides the freedom to adjust the angle of the laser pointer 360°. The clamp is plated steel and accepts rods up to ³/₄" Ø (19 mm). Length across clamps is 4.5". The red laser pointer operates on a push-button switch and is housed in a rubberized aluminum pen-style case. The laser is Class 3R and is 6 L×0.5 Ø". Red laser pointer has a maximum output of 5 mW and a wavelength of 650 nm (±10 nm). Range of beam is 100 meters. Expected operating life is 1000 hours. Operates on two AAA batteries (which are included).