Vibrations and Waves Set

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Vibrations and Waves Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
Complete investigation into wave phenomena.

  • Comprehensive set for classroom demonstrations of vibrations and waves
This comprehensive and economical set is based on a mechanical vibration generator and a sine wave signal generator and includes a support system and a range of accessories. The important basic types of mechanical vibrations and waves can be investigated; Transverse standing waves on a vibrating string, Longitudinal standing waves on a helical spring, Standing waves on a hoop (model of atomic quantization), Resonant vibrations of metal strips, Resonance patterns on round and square vibrating plates (Chladni plates).

Experiments are performed on a stable and easy-to-use extruded bench, robust and reliable mechanical generator, amplified sine wave generator with large, 3-digit frequency display, two frequency ranges: 1 to 400 Hz×1 Hz, 0.01 to 4.00 kHz×0.01 kHz. Excellent, easily visible results.

The wide range of accessories allows both of the fundamental topics of transverse and longitudinal waves to be demonstrated and enables further investigation of resonance phenomena in various systems from the famous and basic waves-on-a-string to the advanced and complex nodal patterns on vibrating plates.

Set includes: Mechanical vibration generator; Sine wave signal generator; Circular Chladni plate; Square Chladni plate; Base rail and assembly wrench; Support rod and clamps; Bag of fine sand; Metal resonance strips; Helical spring; Wire loop; Elastic cord; Connecting cords; Activity guide.