Geoblox Astronomy Models

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Geoblox Astronomy Models
Models Astronomy Models
Geoblox models provide a multi-learning approach to help students understand concepts and structures from the inside out as they build their own models.

  • These models provide a tactile and visual-learning approach to difficult concepts
  • Twenty-nine models and six activities included
  • Simple assembly
  • Explanations printed on backs of models
This is a spiral bound booklet designed to be used as a copy master to produce enough model patterns for your entire class. You can also enlarge the patterns to use them as demonstration models.

Included are origins of the universe, barred-spiral galaxy, spiral galaxy, constellations are an illusion, pulsar, scale solar system model, pie slice of the sun, The reason for the seasons calculating the orbits of mercury and venus activity, comparing mercury and moon craters, corona on venus, meteor showers, sulfur eruption on Io, splosh crater on mars, trojan asteroids, finding asteroids activity, orbits of neptune and pluto, pluto-charon system, scale model of the earth-moon system activity, earth-moon comparison activity, apparent diameter of the moon activity, saros cycle, phases of the moon activity, apollo moon landing activity, apollo command module, apollo service module, apollo landing module - ascent stage, Apollo.

Ordering information: Models do not come preassembled. Students and educators are meant to use the patterns and instructions in the booklet to construct the models for educational purposes. Constructed models can then be used as a permanent classroom display.