Quantum Levitation 4 Point Critical Temperature Setup

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Quantum Levitation 4 Point Critical Temperature Setup
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Measure the critical temperature (Tc) of a high-Tc superconductor with this easy-to-use intuitive and educational kit.

  • Four-point Tc experiment
The four-point Tc experiment is the basic and most educational experiments in superconductivity and experimental physics. The kit allows students to measure the electrical resistance of a superconductor bar using the two-wire and four-wire configurations.

The setup includes a high-Tc superconductor Bi-2223 bar with four contact points. Four wires are physically attached to the superconductor allowing both a four-wire and two-wire resistance measurements. The superconductor sits on metallic plate that serves as a thermal equalizer and includes a pt-100 resistance thermometer.

Ordering information: This experiment requires an external power supply and two voltage/resistance meters.