Laser Whiteboard Optics Kit

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Laser Whiteboard Optics Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
This set has been designed for simple and clear demonstration of the principles of geometrical optics - transmission, reflection and refraction.

  • Simple design
  • User-friendly
  • Clear demonstration of basic principles of geometrical optics
This complete kit teaches elementary optic principles quickly and intuitively. The set improves the quality of teaching and offers the new possibilities in comparison with the classic incandescent lamp. Moreover the demonstration of beams passing through the combination of several optical elements is possible, which enables effective demonstration and modelling of basic optical devices. Another remarkable advantage arises from very low demand for room light conditions.

This kit can be used in standard classrooms without any additional room darkening. It allows very good demonstration and visualization of the following optical effects: transmission of the light through the convex (concave) lens, transmission effect of an optical prism, reflection on the planar convex and concave mirror, refraction of the light, index of refraction values and others.

The set also demonstrates the function of healthy, short-sighted and far-sighted vision and the correction of these aberrations by glasses. Furthermore the set demonstrates the function of both, Galileo and Kepler telescopes, as well as photo camera, etc. The effect of the lens spherical aberration and its correction, the demonstrations of absolute reflection in the optical fiber are interesting and easy to demonstrate as well.

All elements are taped with magnetized foil at the bottom, allowing intuitive attachment to a magnetic board.

The demonstration is done quickly if the desired objects are located on assigned positions on the sheet A – model of the human eye B – photo camera C – Galileo telescope D – Kepler telescope E – spherical aberration of a lens and its correction F – refraction and reflection demonstration sheet X - significant rays - convex Y - significant rays - concave.

Ordering information: This version does include a magnetic board.

Delivery information: Kit KO4100L contains instruction manual – printed guide with tutorials, optical models (14 pieces) – 8 different lenses, 3 types of mirrors, plan parallel plate, right-angle prism, model of optical fiber, Example sheets (6 pieces) for very simple and quick preparation of demonstration.