NYS Investigations Grade 8 Slide set for 'It's Alive!'

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NYS Investigations Grade 8 Slide set for 'It's Alive!'
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This slide set includes one of each required slides for the 8th grade 'It's Alive!' investigation.

  • High quality slides closely match the state pictures
  • Convenient set with one of each required slide packaged in a compact case
  • Order the number of slide sets to match your exact needs
This slide set has been designed to match the NYS 'It's Alive!' investigation images as closely as possible, to make classroom prep easier. The convenient size allows users to only purchase what is needed. (NY state recommends five sets per class).

Slide set includes one each of the following: Elodea, Onion root, Onion epidermis, Cheek (squamous epithelium), Paramecium, Euglena, Yeast, Nervous Tissue (multipolar neuron), Hair, Thread, Sand.