What Mineral Is It? Classroom Projects and Chart

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What Mineral Is It? Classroom Projects and Chart
A hand made 3D geologic poster and activity set to teach Grades 5 and up about mineral identification.

  • Classroom project for up to 30 students
  • Hand made posters with real rocks attached
  • Information guide included
  • For display and instruction
Mineral identification through step-by-step testing is explored using the classroom project. The teacher and student reference chart uses imagery and mounted mineral specimens to assist students in identifying their minerals specimens, samples of which are shown on the wood framed what mineral is it? chart. Included in the classroom project are enough materials for 30 students to develop a clear understanding of how mineral identification is determined through hands on testing.

The kit contains individual student 'what mineral is it?' charts, specimens, and a test kit for making observations and drawing conclusions in the interactive kit. An instructive and informative guide is part of the hands-on classroom kit. Grade 5+.