Crazy Circuits Bit Board Classroom Sets

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Crazy Circuits Bit Board Classroom Sets
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Welcome to the world of programming and automation with micro: bit™.

  • Add LEGO brick-compatible components to the micro:bit™ project
  • Bit board classroom sets is designed to teach both programming and electronics
  • No soldering or additional tools needed
Compared to the Arduino™ platform, micro: bit™ offers a much more graphical way of working and programming with microcontrollers. The Bit Board micro:bit™ adapter classroom line was designed as a complete classroom solution for teaching programming with the micro:bit™ graphic interface alongside the Crazy Circuits™ component platform. These modular kits are supported by robust, NGSS-aligned online teaching resources designed to facilitate easy classroom use.

Classroom sets of 5, 10, or 25 boxes are available. Sets are available both with individual micro:bit™ boards (1 per kit) and without.

Ordering information: Student kits include: (1) Crazy Circuits™ bit board micro:bit™ adapter, (4) push button switches, (1) slide switch, (1) potentiometer, (1) Piezo speaker, (4) 10 mm LEDs, (1) Neopixel, (1) Neopixel strip, (1) 7-segment display, (1) distance sensor, (1) LEGO compatible Servo & Connector, (2) ribbon 4-cable bundles, (5) alligator clip jumper wires, (1) roll conductive maker tape, ¹/₈'' × 5 m, (1) 2AAA battery holder, (4) (1×6) LEGO pieces, (1) LEGO base plate, (1) USB cable, (1) thumb stick, and instruction cards.

Teacher kits include everything in a student kit, plus: (1) large organizer (replaces organizer from Student Set), (2) screw terminals, (2) LEGO continuous rotation Servos & Connector pieces, (2) extra ribbon 4-cable bundles, (1) ¹/₈'' headphone jack, and extra maker tape.