Celestron Smartphone Adapter DX Kit, 1.25"

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470348-504EA 29.15 USD
Celestron Smartphone Adapter DX Kit, 1.25"
The Smartphone Adapter DX Kit is a great first step into the world of astroimaging or digiscoping.

  • A complete digiscoping solution
  • Smartphone adapter connects a smartphone to an eyepiece while the Bluetooth shutter release button helps to achieve a steady shot every tim
  • Works with telescopes (with most 1.25" eyepieces), spotting scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and microscopes
  • Connect the remote shutter release to a phone via Bluetooth to take photos or start/stop video recording without unwanted vibration
  • Both devices work with virtually all smartphone models, including the latest devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google
  • Simple to use; place a phone in the adapter, center the phone’s camera over the eyepiece, and use the knobs to secure the adapter in place
  • Durable, metal bodied adapter stands up to rigorous use in the field and harsh weather conditions
  • Adapter dimensions: 7×4×1.5"
  • Adapter weight: 6 oz.
The Smartphone Adapter DX Kit includes everything needed to capture sharp, detailed images and video; the smartphone adapter and a Bluetooth shutter release remote. Snap an Instagram-worthy image of the Moon, share the latest wildlife sightings with a binocular or spotting scope, or preserve lab specimens from a microscope. This versatile adapter handles it all with ease.

The Smartphone Adapter fits any eyepiece from 29 mm to 45 mm in diameter, including telescopes equipped with 1.25" eyepieces, spotting scopes, monoculars, and binoculars. The Smartphone Adapter DX Kit accommodates a wide range of smartphones. The phone platform adjusts and can fit any device, usually with the case still on. The secure platform stands up to the weight thanks to the adapter’s strong threaded knobs to secure the adapter in place.

No matter which optic is chosen, installing and using the adapter is hassle-free. First, place the phone in the adapter. It’s held securely in position with the help of a tightening knob that locks the phone in place. Next, align the phone’s camera with the center of the eyepiece. Once the perfect position is determined, tighten the adjustment knob for a secure fit.

Note: Some large and/or bulky phone cases (including folio style cases) may need to be removed for the phone to fit in the adapter.

Once the phone is mounted over the eyepiece, capture still images or video, plus access all the rest of the phone’s features. Text photos to a friend or post them on social media while the phone is still mounted in the adapter.
To determine if the optic is compatible with the Smartphone Adapter, simply measure the outside diameter of the eyepiece. If it falls within the 29 to 45 mm range, it may be used with this adapter. The adapter does not work with riflescopes.
To capture the best images, Celestron has also provided a Bluetooth shutter release remote that allows users to trigger the camera’s shutter on any Android or iOS smartphone. The remote reduces the blurriness in images caused by the phone or telescope being disturbed.