Celestron EclipSmart 8-Piece Solar Eclipse Observing and Imaging Kit

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Celestron EclipSmart 8-Piece Solar Eclipse Observing and Imaging Kit
The Celestron EclipSmart eight-Piece solar eclipse observing and imaging kit is a must-have for small groups who want to view and photograph partial and total solar eclipses.

  • Ideal for viewing eclipses, sunspots, or the Sun any day
  • Certified to comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for filters for direct viewing of the Sun
  • Perfect for families and small groups, this deluxe kit includes 4 paper eclipse glasses and 1 pair of hard plastic eclipse glasses
  • Capture stunning still images and video of the eclipse with a smartphone, DSLR, or point-and-shoot camera without damaging its photo sensor
  • 32-page eclipse book is packed with tips to ensure the best eclipse experience, complete with maps and city-by-city timetables
  • Double-sided eclipse map poster features a large, detailed map of the eclipse’s path
  • Celestron Solar Safe film is produced in the USA by American Paper Optics, one of the suppliers recommended by NASA for safe solar viewing (independently tested by a third-party lab)
  • EclipSmart glasses reveal the Sun in the visible (white light) spectrum, but an added orange tint offers a more natural look and a comfortable observing experience
Affordable, easy to use, and best of all, Solar Safe, every Celestron EclipSmart product in this kit is 100% ISO-certified. This deluxe kit includes (four) EclipSmart Solar Eclipse glasses (paper), (one) EclipSmart Solar Eclipse sunglasses (premium plastic), (one) EclipSmart Solar Safe photo filter, (one) 32-page Eclipse Guide booklet, and (one) double-sided Eclipse Transit Map poster.

Buy with confidence, knowing that EclipSmart eclipse glasses can fit virtually everyone in the group. The paper glasses feature two sets of fold marks to customize the fit, while the plastic glasses feature wraparound-style arms that adjust to different head sizes. Grab the handy photo filter to capture images and video of the Sun with a smartphone or camera. Simply place the filter over the camera lens, and its delicate imaging sensor is protected. It works with phones, camcorders, action cams, point-and-shoot cameras, and DSLRs. Only remove the filter when the camera is no longer pointing at the Sun. The bonus resources include a 32-page booklet with helpful information, observing tips and tricks, a map, and a city-by-city timetable. There’s also a beautiful two-sided poster with an even larger map of the eclipse’s path, perfect for remembering the experience.

EclipSmart solar products feature Solar Safe filter technology, the ultimate protection from harmful solar radiation. This includes IR and UV light, plus 99.999% of visible light. Celestron Solar Safe filter technology is guaranteed safe for direct observation of the Sun and has been independently tested by SAI Global Assurance Services.

Important safety note: inspect the glasses and photo filter before every use. Do not use and discard if the solar film is damaged, torn, punctured, or separated from the frame in any way. Do not use the glasses or photo filter in combination with any magnifying optical device (i.e., telescopes, binoculars).

Upcoming eclipses:
2023 - On October 14, 2023, the famed 'Ring of Fire' will encircle a darkened Moon during a spectacular annular eclipse. This special type of partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far from Earth to cover the Sun completely. The Sun’s corona is not visible during an annular eclipse.
2024 - On April 8, 2024, the Moon will completely cover the Sun during an awe-inspiring Total Solar Eclipse. Observers within the path of totality will witness the Sun’s dazzling corona, observe the 'diamond ring' effect, and see day turn to night.

Certifications: Solar Safe products conform to and meet the transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2, Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun, EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 (E) for an E15 Filter for the Direct Observation of the Sun and AS/NZS 1338.1:2012, Filters for Eye Protectors.