Exo-Terra® Solarglo Lamps

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Exo-Terra® Solarglo Lamps
Lights Incandescent Lights, Lamps and Bulbs
Keep your reptiles healthy.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • No ballast needed
The Exo-Terra® Solar Glo is a self-ballasted mercury vapor reptile bulb that provides the benefits of natural sunlight, which is one of the most important aspects in keeping reptiles healthy. The Exo-Terra® Solar Glo is the choice of professional breeders as it provides the proper balance of ultraviolet light (including UVA and UVB), visual light, and infrared light (heat) in one easy-to-install bulb.

The Exo-Terra® Solar Glo is a full spectrum light with carefully tuned peaks to ensure appetite, activity, brilliant colors, and optimal calcium absorption through Vitamin D3 production.

This self ballasted mercury vapor lamp fits into a standard ceramic socket (no ballast needed). It can be used with the Exo-Terra® Light Dome, the Exo-Terra® Reptile Dome, or the Exo-Terra® Wire Light.