Exo-Terra® Screen Terrarium

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Exo-Terra® Screen Terrarium
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The Exo-Terra® Screen Terrarium is a perfect habitat for arboreal reptiles and amphibians that are sensitive to stagnant air.

  • Excellent non-restricted airflow provides optimal ventilation while minimizing odors and fungus growth in the reptile's habitat
  • Screen design provides a broader temperature gradient, which helps reptiles to regulate their body temperature more effectively and prevents overheating
  • Aluminum screen mesh allows ultraviolet rays from UVB lights or the sun to penetrate deep inside the enclosure
  • Substrate tray allows to place a small layer of substrate to absorb spray water and increase humidity levels; it can be removed easily from the enclosure through the swiveling bottom door
  • Large hinged front door(s)
  • Sturdy nickel-plated latches add stability to the enclosure and keep reptiles safe and secure
Ideal for chameleons and other tree dwellers

Ordering information: Includes substrate tray.