VWR® Spectrosil Spectrophotometer Cells

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414004-062CS 8870.77 USD
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VWR® Spectrosil Spectrophotometer Cells
Cuvettes Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Manufactured from Spectrosil quartz for accurate readings over the entire UV range to near infrared range.

  • Far UV quartz
  • Wavelength range of 170–2700 nm
  • Matched sets available
  • Fully heat-fused construction
Due to the fully heat-fused construction (no intermediate materials or adhesives) and careful annealing to remove any strain, there is no optical or physical distortion of the two optically polished windows

In semi-micro cells, the walls parallel to the light path are thickened, decreasing the sample chamber width to 4mm. Sub-micro cells have a Z dimension that must be matched between the cell and the instrument to be used.

Three cover types are available: flat lid, stopper, and screw cap. Flat lids and stoppers are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Stoppered cells feature a block fused to the top of the cell with a ground hole for the stopper, providing a more suitable seal for volatile liquids. Cells with screw caps can be used under anaerobic conditions and offer an air-tight fit. Cell 414004-054 features a closed-top polymer screw cap with a silicone rubber gasket. Cell 414004-055 features an open-top polymer screw cap with a silicone rubber septum.

Note: Not recommended for use with ultrasonic cleaning.

Ordering information: For Spectrosil cells for use in fluorometers, see 414004-064 series. Packs of two cells are matched sets.