VWR® Signature™ Ergonomic High Performance Multichannel Pipettor

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VWR® Signature™
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89079-948EA 2473.28 USD
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VWR® Signature™ Ergonomic High Performance Multichannel Pipettor
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VWR Signature™ Ergonomic high-performance Multichannel Pipettors provide superior accuracy and precision for repeatably reliable results.

  • Superior accuracy and precision for critical applications
  • Updated and improved ergonomic design
  • Volumes from 0.5 to 300 µl
  • Fully autoclavable
Innovative ergonomic features allow for consistently comfortable pipetting, even throughout prolonged use.

These lightweight, durable pipettors are fully autoclavable and supplied with a tool for in-lab calibration. Stand sold separately.

Designed to handle multiple samples simultaneously, pipettors are available in 8- or 12-channel formats. Upgraded ergonomic features on the multichannel models include reduced plunger and volume adjustment force to significantly reduce the strain associated with repetitive pipetting procedures. An extended, curved finger rest allows the pipettor to balance securely upon the index finger of the user.

Volume setting is continuously adjustable via the micrometer wheel or dispenser button, and can be locked to prevent accidental changes while in use. This also allows a variety of different volumes to be dispensed through a single pipettor, with no limitations on designated increments.

Tapered cones provide a universal tip fit and the adjustable tip ejector accommodates a variety of tips. An individual tip cone suspension system reduces the force necessary to load tips, as well as the force necessary to eject tips.




Services: VWRCATALYST™ Services provides convenient and efficient recalibration services for pipettors, with an industry leading 3 business day average turn-around time from receipt of the instrument. Services are performed by a VWR selected ISO/IEC 17025, NVLAP accredited supplier (NVLAP Lab code 105013-0), with calibration certificate traceable to NIST. Recalibration, ISO 17025 certification, and shipping fees are all included in the catalog number cost. Three different levels of calibration can be selected based on specific needs.

Customers will receive a specially desgined protective box to ship the instrument to a certified calibration laboratory, along with a work order form and a prepaid return shipping label. Upon receipt at the laboratory, the instrument will be inspected for any defects and the performance of the instrument will be compared to certified standards. After recalibration, the calibration report and instrument will be carefully repacked and returned with standard ground shipping.

In addition, VWRCATALYST™offers ISO 17025, NIST-traceable On-site calibration and repair services for all makes, models, and configurations of pipettes, bottle-top dispensers, pipette aids, repeating pipettes, diluters, and syringes. For on-site service or any assitance, contact us at 1.888.793.2300 or [email protected].