Amersham™ Hybond™-N+ Western Blotting Membrane, Cytiva

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Amersham™ Hybond™
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Amersham™ Hybond™-N+ Western Blotting Membrane, Cytiva
Transfer Membranes
Amersham™ Hybond™-N+ is a positively charged nylon membrane with a binding capacity for nucleic acids up to 600 µg/cm² recommended for use with radioactive or non radioactive chemiluminescence and chemifluorescence detection systems.

  • Recommended for all high density membrane arrays
  • Multiple reprobing is possible without loss of membrane integrity
  • QC tested in genomic Southern blots
Amersham™ Hybond™-N+ yields excellent sensitivity in conventional Southern blotting. Nucleic acid samples may be fixed by UV exposure or baking, although UV fixation is best for maximum reproducibility.

Caution: Amersham™ Hybond™-N+ is not suitable for alkali blotting and fixation.