FlashGel® DNA, RNA and Recovery Systems, Lonza

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FlashGel® DNA, RNA and Recovery Systems, Lonza
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
FlashGel Systems consist of enclosed, disposable, precast agarose gel cassettes and a combination electrophoresis and transilluminator unit.

  • Systems provide nearly instant results
  • Simply load samples, watch bands migrate and get data in as little as two minutes
FlashGel DNA system separates DNA in 2–7 minutes with outstanding resolution and allows monitoring of gel runs right at the bench without UV light

FlashGel RNA system is a fast and sensitive tool for analysis of sample integrity and optimized for the unique requirements of RNA. Recommended for verification and analysis of total RNA, quick checks of native RNA, and checking RNA degradation and mRNA purity. The system provides results in 30 minutes or less while avoiding use of hazardous reagents and contaminating RNases. RNA fragments are analyzed on the FlashGel® system using the same fast and simple procedure used for DNA. Separation is complete in less than eight minutes and RNA samples are ready for imaging within 10–20 minutes. FlashGel® system for RNA is 5–20 times more sensitive than ethidium bromide gels and RNA <10ng per band are clearly detected, conserving precious RNA samples.

FlashGel system for DNA recovery eliminates agarose gel preparation and delivers highly efficient recovery, free from inhibitors and UV-induced damage, in a simple 5–10 minute protocol. Go from sample loading to recovery in just five minutes. Recover samples directly from the cassette without band excision or purification. Visualize sample recovery without UV light and recover at 80–100% efficiency.

FlashGel Dock is an electrophoresis apparatus with a built-in transilluminator that provides visualization of both DNA and RNA cassettes. The FlashGel camera captures gel images from the FlashGel system right at the benchtop with complete gel run and image capture in just five minutes. Camera software is compatible with PC computers.

The highly sensitive system also allows 5–20 times the reduction in DNA levels, saving both time and money.