VWR Signature™ Ergonomic High Performance Single-Channel Variable Volume Pipettors

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VWR® Signature™
P3925-250VWR P3925-10000VWR P3925-2VWR P3925-100VWR P01555-VE10K P3925-200VWR P01555-VE05M P01555-VE002 P3925-SKB3-VWR P3925-5000VWR P01555-VE200 P01555-VE050 P3925-20VWR P3925-SKA3-VWR P3925-1000VWR P01555-VE020 P01555-VE250 P01555-VE010 P3925-10VWR P01555-VE01K P3925-50VWR P3925-SKC4-VWR
89079-968EA 417.51 USD
89079-972 89079-978 89079-960 89079-968 10002-832 89079-970 10002-830 10002-788 75788-458 89079-976 10002-834 10002-782 89079-964 75788-456 89079-974 10002-780 10002-836 10002-776 89079-962 10002-778 89079-966 75788-460
VWR Signature™ Ergonomic High Performance Single-Channel Variable Volume Pipettors
Pipets Micropipets
The new, ergonomic design of the pipettors allow for consistently comfortable pipetting even with extended use.

  • Superior Accuracy and Precision for Critical Applications
  • Reduced Plunger Forces
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Volume locking mechanism
An extended, curved finger rest allows the pipettor to balance on the index finger, and both plunger and volume-adjustment forces have been significantly reduced to eliminate the strain of repetitive pipetting

To accommodate a wide variety of tips, the easy-grip ejector system provides adjustment of the ejector height. The stainless steel construction of the ejector prevents corrosion and bending. These lightweight, durable pipettors are fully autoclavable and are supplied with a tool for in-lab calibration and a three-year warranty.

Each starter kit is supplied with the pipette volumes listed in the table below, a 4-place linear stand, and VWR® pipet tips.

Volume setting is continuously adjustable using either the micrometer wheel or dispenser button. A locking mechanism prevents accidental volume shift while the instrument is in use.




Services: VWRCATALYST™ offers ISO 17025, NIST-traceable On-site calibration and repair services for all makes, models, and configurations of pipettes, bottle-top dispensers, pipet aids, repeating pipettes, diluters, and syringes. For on-site service or any assitance, contact us at 1.888.793.2300 or [email protected]