Safety Shower and Eye/Face Washes, Speakman®

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SE-623 H.F.O SE-603
VF-0623-SEEA 5739.26 USD
VF-0623-SE VF-HFO-SE VF-0603-SE
Safety Shower and Eye/Face Washes, Speakman®
First Aid Supplies Showers
This combined safety device can be used to flush contaminants from eyes, face, or entire body.

  • Shower Head Is 20.3 cm (8") in Diameter
  • Impeller Action
  • Stay-Open Valve
  • Ideal Where Workers Are Subjected to Contaminants
  • Space-Saving Unit
This space-saving unit consists of a shower and an eyewash with a stainless steel basin

The shower has a 20.3 cm (8") diameter head with impeller action and stay-open valve. A stainless steel push handle actuates the eye and face wash. Six aerated outlets in each spray head provide a 22.8 x 20.3 cm (9 x 8") curtain of aerated water for more extensive washing action.

These washes are ideal for locations where workers are subjected to contaminants.

Certifications: Meets ANSI Z358.1 standards.