PYREX® Serological Pipettes, Corning

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PYREX® Serological Pipettes, Corning
Pipettes Serological Pipettes
These sterile disposable 1 ml PYREX® serological pipettes, calibrated (TD) with blow-out, offer long, slender, tapered tips to make pipetting go faster and easier.

  • All pipettes have negative graduations
  • Fire-polished tips for burr-free, even flow rates
Easy-open Steri-View™ wrappers (one side paper, one side plastic) have color-coded sizes printed directly on the paper for easy identification by size.

Certifications: Colors conform to I.S.O. standards.

Packaging: Non sterile pipettes available in bulk package; sterile pipettes available in individual paper-plastic wrappers or as Multi-Pack in plastic bags.