VWR® Contour™ Full Height Storage Cabinets

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VWR® Contour™
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CFS25842236-AEA 4935.76 USD
CFS12842248-A CFS11841636-A CWS12841636-A CWS00841636-A CFS00842248-A CFS12841636-A CFS00841348-A CFS25842236-A CWS25842248-A CFS25841648-A CFS25841336-A CFS00841636-A CFS12841336-A CWS25841636-A CFS20842248-A CFS00841336-A CFS12842236-A CWS25841348-A CWS00841648-A CWS12841648-A CFS00842236-A CFS12841648-A CFS25841636-A CWS25842236-A CFS25841348-A CFS11842248-A CFS00841648-A CWS25841648-A CFS12841348-A CFS25842248-A
VWR® Contour™ Full Height Storage Cabinets
Furniture Casework
Standing height steel storage cabinets are 84" high and 123/4", 16", or 22" deep.

  • Five adjustable shelves
  • Light neutral color
Cabinets are phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-resistant, powder-coat finish.

Caution: Full height cabinets may present a potential tipping over problem. Proper installation requires these cabinets to be anchored to a wall or other cabinets to improve stability and ensure smooth door movement.