VWR® Signature™ B.O.D. Low Temperature Refrigerated Incubators, 2.4 cu.ft.

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VWR® Signature™
35960-056EA 6507.23 USD
VWR® Signature™ B.O.D. Low Temperature Refrigerated Incubators, 2.4 cu.ft.
Incubators BOD Incubators
The VWR® Signature™ Low Temperature Incubator is commonly used for applications such as B.O.D. determinations, plant and insect studies, fermentation studies, and bacterial culturing.

  • Microprocessor control
  • CFC-free refrigerant
  • Digital display of temperature
  • Easy keypad set and calibration
  • Safety high/low-limit thermostat
  • Over/under counter
  • Gentle forced air circulation
  • Interior electrical outlet
  • VWR® Two-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty
The low temperature incubators have a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C

The refrigerated incubators also include an independent over temperature safety controller, adjustable shelves in two inch increments and a one amp interior outlet to allow the use of shakers, stirrers, roller bottles or other apparatus.

Units are equipped with a hermetically-sealed compressor, a circuit breaker to protect from electrical overload, and an easy-to-clean, fully insulated chamber. Gentle, continuous forced-air circulation ensures temperature uniformity (+/- 0.5°C at 20°C) and reproducible test conditions.




Services: VWRCATALYST™ offers validation services including IQ, OQ, and PQ protocol development and execution, as well as asset management and calibration services (US only); call 888-793-2300 for more details.