UVP BioDoc-It® Imaging Systems, Analytik Jena

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UVP BioDoc-It® Imaging Systems, Analytik Jena
The BioDoc-It® systems enable researchers to view and capture fluorescent, nonfluorescent and colorimetric gels, autorads, and plates

The stand-alone systems include a transilluminator, filter, camera, darkroom, processor with screen, and memory card; no computer is required. Three types of high/low intensity 302nm UV transilluminators are available, each with a built-in ethidium bromide emission filter. The FI-26X FirstLight® model has a 25x26cm (97/8x101/4") filter, the M-20 model has a 20x20cm (73/4x73/4") filter, and the M-26 model has a 21x26cm (81/4x101/4") filter. The flurorescent video camera is composite monochrome with an on-chip interline transfer CCD sensor, an 8 bit manual zoom lens, and 752x582 pixels PAL (CCIR) resolution.

The lightweight, compact darkroom enclosure mounts onto the transilluminator. The darkroom features an overhead white LED light with high/low settings, a UV safety switch, and a full access door with a UV-blocking viewing window. The three-door models include access doors on either side for cutting gels without opening the full-access door. Darkroom footprint: 35.6Wx32.3Dcm (14x123/4").

The 20.3cm (8") LCD screen is integrated to the built-in processor and controlled with a touch pad. The screen pivots to allow more viewing angles and live preview of images so that researchers can acquire the exact image that is shown on the display monitor. Up to 17 preset exposure times provide integration from 0.1 to 10 seconds.

The darkroom exterior includes a port for the CompactFlash® memory card with USB connector, so the user can save high-quality images for later quantitative analysis or enhancement for publication. The autosave feature allows images to be saved in TIFF or jpeg formats to the memory card or transferred to a computer via network connectivity. Low cost documentation is available with optional 256 gray scale, high-resolution thermal printer 21453-320.

The optional Doc-It® LS analysis software loads to a separate computer for analysis of gels, plates, and membranes. Features include automatic lane and band detection, quantitative analysis of lanes and bands, multiple MW calibration, background correction, image enhancement, and reporting capabilities.

Ordering information: Systems include transilluminator, filter, camera, darkroom, processor with screen, and 64MB memory card. For imaging systems with other transilluminators, contact your sales representative. Imaging of nonfluorescent gels requires UV-to-white converter plate 21474-892. Visi-Blue™ converter plate 15000-088 converts ultraviolet to 480nm blue light for use with SYBR® Green, SYPRO® Orange, and EGFP stains. Both plates measure 21x26cm (81/4x101/4").