VWR® Micro 1207, Micro 1814, Micro 1816, and Micro 2416 Microcentrifuges

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C9410-VWR C9422-VWR C9424-VWR C9418-VWR
37001-298EA 2548.77 USD
37001-294 37001-298 37001-300 37001-296
VWR® Micro 1207, Micro 1814, Micro 1816, and Micro 2416 Microcentrifuges
The advanced technology and streamlined design of the microcentrifuge line delivers optimum performance in a compact unit.

  • Four variable speed models
  • Quiet and cool running
  • Cold room compatible
  • Exceptionally small footprint
  • All operating parameters set and displayed digitally
Four variable speed models accommodate a wide array of applications

All models come with a fixed angle microtube rotor. All rotors are supplied with a snap-on rotor cover and are easily removed for cleaning and autoclaving. Microcentrifuges have a small footprint, are easily transported, and are safe for cold room use.

Maximum speeds range from 10,000rpm/7200xg, ideal for microfiltration and small cell culture pelleting, to 14,000rpm/16,000xg, suitable for working with proteins and DNA. All parameters - including rpm, RCF, and time - are set and displayed digitally. Digital microcentrifuges accelerate quickly to the set speed and employ dynamically controlled braking to come to a soft stop without disrupting fragile samples.





Services: VWRCATALYST™ offers validation services including IQ, OQ, and PQ protocol development and execution, as well as asset management and calibration services (US only); call 888-793-2300 for more details.