PURELAB® flex 1 and 2 Water Purification Systems, ELGA LabWater

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PURELAB® flex 1 and 2 Water Purification Systems, ELGA LabWater
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
The PURELAB flex range is designed to deliver accuracy, flexibility and ease-of-use. The award winning system provides perfect water purity for analytical and life science applications which require RO type III water up to ultrapure type I (18.2 MΩ.cm) water. It allows focus on routine test work without concern about the water quality affecting test results.

  • Customized settings
  • Easy access to the consumables through the front door panels
  • Maintenance time is reduced, with less disruption to your work
  • Download all of the data to USB for system performance validation
  • Clear water purity display for absolute confidence as you dispense
Be in control of your PURELAB flex by customizing the settings to suit your application

Suggested applications for the flex 2 include mass mpectrometry, molecular biology, electrochemistry, atomic spectroscopy, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, immunochemistry, spectrophotometry, media / buffer prep, general chemistry.

The flex 1 is designed to dispense water when it is connected to a reservoir or distribution loop. This system works as a dispenser as well as a simple deionization system. The flex 2 includes UV photo-oxidation and TOC monitoring in addition to deionization. The flex 2 features guaranteed water purity with full recirculation through the UV lamp and purification pack right to the point of use for peace of mind. It also features real-time TOC monitoring, which provides complete confidence in organic purity by reducing the level of organics for critical applications.

The starter kit includes the LA652, (pressure regulator), the LC145, (point of use filter, .2 micron), and the LC208, (DI purification cartridge).

Certifications: UL approved. C-UL approved. CSA approved. CE marked.

Accessories information: Additional accessories are available; contact your VWR representative for more information.

Ordering information: These systems come with a DI purification pack. If the feed pressure exceeds 10 psi, a pressure regulator is required. An optional consumable for the system is a sanitization pack.





Item # Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
89204-398 Point-of-Use Biofilter
Each Retrieving
89204-392 LABPURE S1 Purification Cartridge, RO Feed
Each Retrieving
89204-304 Point-of-Use Microfilter
Each Retrieving
75803-130 Sanitation Cartridge
Each Retrieving
89204-402 Pre-Conditioning Cartridge for PURELAB® flex 1 and 2
Each Retrieving
89204-400 UV Lamp
Each Retrieving


Services: ELGA LabWater provides several service options such as Extended Warranty, Installation, Preventative Maintenance, and Validation. To learn more about these services please search "Elga Water Technical Service" in the VWR search field.

In addition, VWRCATALYST™ can provide an array of services such as on-site IQ, OQ, PQ, Customized Protocol Generation, Equipment Calibration, Asset Management, and Certification Services (US only). Please call 888-793-2300 or email VWRCATALYST™@vwr.com for further details.