Economical Stainless Steel Slotted Weight Sets, Troemner

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Economical Stainless Steel Slotted Weight Sets, Troemner
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The makeup of Economical Stainless Steel Weight Sets varies

Slotted Weights 10 g to 500 g (0.1 N to 5 N) are made of stainless steel, and weights 1 g to 5 g are made of aluminum. All Slotted Weights have an approximate diameter of 1 5/8 inches and have a slot opening width of 1/4 inch. A hanger is also available from which you can stack and hang your slotted weights. The overall length of the hanger is approximately 7 7/8 inches with a usable length of 7 inches. The hanger is designed to accept the slotted weights.

Weights are adjusted to tolerances specified by ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 7.