'Photon' Solar Racer Kit

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Redlands Ca
Yes, I recommend
Great model to make! - I had my students work in groups of 2 or 3 to make the model, but it is easy enough to work alone. The students enjoyed making the model, all the parts are easy to assemble. We took them outside and they had a great time racing them. May have to cut more around the front wheel so the plastic does not catch on it. Overall great item and easy to use. Kim harris OHS
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'Photon' Solar Racer Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Alternative Energy Learning Activities
Comprehensive and Easy to Assemble

  • Powered by a solar array
  • Maximum velocity of 0.5m/s on a flat surface
  • Customizable plastic frame
Have your students build their own Solar Racer! This easy-to-assemble kit comes with everything needed, including high-powered solar cell and a 1/2 amp solar array and high amp motor for speedy acceleration. Transparent plastic body can be custom painted. When exposed to full sun, the photon racer travels 3m in 6 secs on a smooth, flat surface. Size: 21.5cm L x 10.2cm W x 5.1cm H.