Boreal2 Digital Compound Microscopes - HM Series

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DM1000 SK1 DM-SK102
470014-546EA 1375 USD
470014-546 470014-544
Boreal2 Digital Compound Microscopes - HM Series
These microscopes have all the advantages of the Boreal2 HM microscopes plus digital live image display, capture, and manipulation.

  • Smartboard Compatible
  • Compatible with Windows XP or higher and MAC OSX
  • One-Year Warranty on Camera
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty on Microscope Chassis
These advanced digital scopes are both PC and Mac compatible, and the USB connection makes set up easy. Users can capture video or still images and even measure images on their screen. An auto-capture feature lets users collect images at pre-set intervals over time, which is perfect for prolonged class experiments.

Users can also export their results or save them for editing and annotating later. The exported images are compatible with other programs. Two different microscope models with different levels of resolution are available.

Ordering information: This product includes a manufacturer's warranty.