25Mhz Color LCD Scope + Accessories

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470152-000EA 414.09 USD
25Mhz Color LCD Scope + Accessories
This USB 2.0 mixed signal PC oscilloscope brings benefits unavailable from traditional stand-alone oscilloscopes. Its innovative approach delivers an unbeatable combination of affordability, ease of use, and documentation of test results with the simple “copy and paste” capability for placement in excel or other applications. Key features include 2 x 10-bit analog channels sampling at100 MSa/s simultaneously; USB 2.0 Interface to the PC, 8 digital inputs sampled at 100 MSa/s, and huge 4 Megasample storage per channel. The unit also offers highly flexible mixed signal triggering (e.g trigger analog waveform from digital signature). And, you can view small AC signals superimposed on large DC or AC offset. Includes Windows application software XP & Vista, upgradeable firmware, all probes, cables, power supply, and manual. CE approved.