27-Piece Invertebrate Embedment Set

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470200-114EA 467.55 USD
27-Piece Invertebrate Embedment Set
Specimens Preserved Specimens Display Specimens
Decorative and practical, this stunning set add interest and instructional value to the classroom.

  • Hinged Case with Foam Insert
  • Length: 16⅛"
  • Width: 13⅝"
  • Height: 3"
  • Twenty-Seven Specimens Represented
The set contains 27 different specimens representing insects, arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods, and echinoderms. Each specimen is expertly preserved in crystal-clear, polished resin and positioned to best display their intricate features.

The set also contains separate mounts showing complete and incomplete metamorphosis. The set comes packaged in an attractive 3 x 13⅝ x 16⅛" hinged case with foam insert.

Ordering information: This kit includes one of each: ant, bluebottle fly, butterfly, centipede, cicada, cockroach, crab, cricket, dragonfly, dung beetle, green chafer beetle, ladybug, locust life cycle, mole cricket, praying mantis, rhinoceros beetle, wasp, honeybee, scorpion, shield bug, shrimp, silkworm life cycle, spider, stag beetle, starfish, walking stick, and white-spotted longhorn beetle.