3B Scientific® ³/₄ Size Human Anatomy Figure

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Goldsboro, NC
No, I didn't recommend
One SERIOUS flaw - I wrote a planning objective in order to get funds to purchase this model for the A&P courses I teach at my community college. If, like me, you are considering purchasing this for the "parts" you should know that not all the limbs are detachable which is okay but a little disappointing. It is one of the few models that has a thymus-a plus. Some arteries but little else in blood vessels. Good an
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3B Scientific® ³/₄ Size Human Anatomy Figure
Models Human Biology Models
Detailed Depiction Of Musculature As Well As Internal Organs

  • Includes 3B Smart Anatomy
A dramatic representation of the human figure, this 3/4-size figure features 45 removable parts for in-depth study. Both arms and the left leg can be detached, as can five muscles from the left arm and eight from the leg. Removable parts also include the head, neck, calvarium showing the three-part brain, frontal plate, mammary gland, both two-part lungs, thymus, two-part heart, liver and gallbladder, duodenum and pancreas, intestines with cecal flap to show the inner structure, the front of the kidney, and four-part male and two-part female interchangeable genitals. The model is mounted on a roller stand for mobility and comes with a key identifying 674 structures.

Accessories information: For information about 3B Smart Anatomy, please see the document attached on this page.