4 - Drawer Vertical Fireproof Filing Cabinet

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470116-200EA 4500 USD
4 - Drawer Vertical Fireproof Filing Cabinet
Furniture Storage Cabinets
"Fireproof insulation is 100% gypsum, reinforced by a 1" by 2" lattice made of 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire. Field replaceable steel panels can be easily replaced. Finish is an environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant electrostatic powder coating applied to all sides, including bottom. Drawer bodies are built with high sides for use with hanging folders.

  • 2-position drawer catch allows access to certain drawers while others remain locked
Drawer locks on all files provide general locking of all drawers through either standard key locks or UL-listed high-security locks. Drawer pulls are surface mounted to allow for extra insulation inside the drawer heads. Insulation between all drawers makes each drawer a separate insulated container.Drawer heads are formed of welded steel and filled with fireproof gypsum insulation and are field replaceable.