75W AC/DC Power Supply

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75W AC/DC Power Supply
Power Management Technology Senses Overloads, Protects Students

Power Management Technology Senses Overloads, Protects StudentsFeatures front panel meters to monitor output voltage and current, a simple single-knob voltage control, and a prominent indicator light to show that the power supply is operating. To prevent shocks during setup or teardown, the AC and DC outputs are disconnected when the power switch is turned off. When an overload condition is sensed the electronic current limiting circuitry shuts the output down within 15ms. The DC supply delivers 0-15V at 5A max., and the separate AC output is rated at 0-20V/5A. Excellent filtering insures that ripple does not exceed 5% at full load or 2% at 8 Watts. Unit is 30 x 13 x 25cm, and comes with 3-wire power cord/plug.