AC/DC 30V Power Supply

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Lorain County,
No, I didn't recommend
Power Supply is totally unregulated - There are significant voltage spikes (not just ripples). DC operation is not even close to constant voltage. AC operation voltage variation does not resemble a sine function - also filled with sporadic spikes. We bought several units. All are bad.
470013-270EA 226.6 USD
AC/DC 30V Power Supply
This analog power supply contains a volt and amp meter.

  • Analog Power Supply
  • Three Voltages: 0—30VDC at 5A, 0—40VAC at 5A, and 0—110VAC at 2.5A
  • Volt and Amp Meter
  • Voltage Adjust Knob Controls Supplies
The volt meter is used for both 30VDC and 40VAC output voltages; the amp meter only registers the DC output current.

The power supply contains three voltages: 0—30VDC at 5A, 0—40VAC at 5A, and 0—110VAC at 2.5A. All supplies are controlled by the voltage adjust knob on the front panel. The outputs are fuse protected from overload or shorting.