AC/DC Digital Discharge Tube Power Supply

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Education / Technician / Albany, NY
Yes, I recommend
These are more reliable than the B&K Precision 1510 and 1511 it replaces. The high voltage transformers in the B&K were failing en mass (the replacement transformer for this Eisco unit works fine if you can get it). Only issue with these so far is the control pot for the high voltage gets unreliable and the output voltage jumps around. Usually just exercising it fixes the problem, or occasionally spray cleaner. I haven't had to replace one yet.
470039-592EA 840 USD
AC/DC Digital Discharge Tube Power Supply
Power Supplies
This power supply is earthed and tested for high-voltage insulation and leakage.

  • Overload Protection Indicator
  • Glass Fuses at the Input Level
  • One Spare Fuse at the Mains Input Socket
  • Current Output: 5A, 10mA, 10mA, 2A
  • Ripple and Noise: 40mVrms
Take advantage of three independent DC output voltages and one selectable AC output with this exceptional power supply.

This unit offers DC0–20V, DC0–80V, DC0–500V, and DC1.1–6.6V with different combinations all capable of being used simultaneously.

Certifications: CSA approved.