Adiabatic Expansion Apparatus

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Adiabatic Expansion Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Heat/Thermodynamics Learning Activities
Investigate the Compression and Expansion of Gases

Investigate the Compression and Expansion of Gases. This apparatus measures the pressure, temperature, and volume of gas, by means of transducers, as the gas is compressed or expanded. Signals from the sensors are monitored by a two or three channel analog-to-digital data acquisition system. These systems are capable of collecting 500 data points per second in each channel simultaneously. Includes an AC/DC power adaptor, three signal cables with 3.55mm miniphone plugs on one end and 5 DIN on the other end. An interface that will accept 3 analog signals simultaneously via 5 or 8 DIN connectors is required. Gases Argon, Air, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide are also recommended. Size: 68 x 20 x 43cm.