Air Track, Complete with Gliders

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Air Track, Complete with Gliders
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
With the Air Track, students can investigate motion phenomena at a precise level of measurement.

  • Easy Setup
  • Quick-Release Set Screws
  • Two Sets of Photogate Flags
  • Two Elastic Collision Springs
  • One Inelastic Collision Device
The sturdy, extruded black aluminum construction of the track and the two included gliders have been designed with easy setup in mind. Quick-release set screws make setting up the multiple provided accessories easy.

The Air Track measures 200 x 20 x 14 cm.

Ordering information: The accessory set includes 2 sets of photogate flags, 2 elastic collision springs, an inelastic collision device, 3 vehicles (two larger weighing 400 g and one smaller weighing 200 g), magnets, Velcro pads, and a counterweight. An air source (not included) is required for operating the Air Rack.