Boreal Science Advanced Biology Research Compound Microscopes

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B1-223A 5744107 162 162-ASC B2-320ASC
470143-526 470145-550 470012-212 470017-058 470145-552
Boreal Science Advanced Biology Research Compound Microscopes
Superior in design, the Research Series has a wide range of features designed for University and Laboratory use.

  • Available with optional achromatic special contrast (ASC) objectives for a superior image
  • 20W halogen in-base illuminator with rheostat dimmer switch
  • 10x widefield eyepieces with adjustable Interpupillary distance & diopter controls
  • Lifetime warranty
This large, heavy microscope, with an all-metal chassis and reagent-resistant finish is ideal for frequent use in the lab. It features interpupillary and diopter adjustment on both eyepieces for easy and comfortable use, as well as a 360° rotatable head, retractable 40xR and 100xR objectives to protect slides, and a movable Abbe condenser. Supplied with a blue and green filter, immersion oil, Ward's Microscope Manual, and dust cover.