Advanced Low Profile Optical Bench

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470111-334KT 355.99 USD
Advanced Low Profile Optical Bench
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
This compact, self-contained set is economical and easy-to-use.

  • Machine Metal for Precision
  • Bench Length: 120 cm
  • Quick-Release Riders
  • Shielded Carriers
  • Instructions Included
This optical bench set includes a 120 cm long aluminum-profile bench to support quick-release riders, which have index marks aligned to the optical elements on the carriers for easy readings. The shielded carriers reduce stray light, and an illuminator with a 12V/50W halogen lamp gives excellent image brightness. The illuminator can be used as a point source or with the built-in, focusable condenser lens to produce a parallel beam for ray optics or imaging.

A slide holder is attached to the front of the illuminator. An instruction manual with six experiments covers real and virtual images, lens magnification, focal length of lenses and mirrors, optics of the telescope and microscope, and the use of diffraction gratings.