Pulley Demo, Advanced, Set

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Pulley Demo, Advanced, Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Nine pulleys and an innovative device combine to create a classroom demonstrations for each topic on pulleys in your curriculum.

  • For Multiple Demonstrations
  • Formica-Covered Base
  • Instructions Included
  • All Required Materials Included
  • Nine Pulleys Included
Teachers can exhibit the configuration of single, triple-tandem, and quadruple pulleys. A sturdy, Formica-covered base supports two metal rods screwed in vertically. At the top of the vertical rods, two right angle clamps support a horizontal rod of the same size. Eight provided collars with hooks can be inserted on the horizontal rod for suspended various pulleys.

A capstan is fitted on the wooden base at one end with a hook for attaching a pulley at the other end. All necessary materials, including 15 weights and a set of teacher instructions, are supplied.