CENCO® Advanced Young’s Modulus Apparatus

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CENCO® Advanced Young’s Modulus Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Advanced Young’s Modulus Apparatus is built for heavy use.

  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Two Different Wires for Comparison
  • Two Sturdy Support Rods
  • Micrometer Screw
  • For Precise Investigation of the Elongation of a Wire
Two sturdy support rods are mounted on the base with a yoke at the top of the rods and a chuck for holding the test wire. The test wire passes through an adjustable bridge, secured to both ends, which holds the measuring attachment. The complete kit includes a Micrometer Screw Attachment, which consists of a lever with a micrometer screw at one end and a sensitive spirit level at the other. The lever pivots on a chuck, which clamps the wire.

After each addition of weight to the wire, the attachment is leveled using the screw and spirit level, and the elongation is determined from the movement of the screw.

Ordering information: The kit also includes Heavy-duty base, Support rods, Yoke, Moveable bridge, Two steel wires of different diameters with clamps, Two 1kg and four 2kg slotted masses, Heavy-duty mass hanger (12kg capacity), Three wire-gripping chucks, Rods to tighten the bridge cullet onto the wire. The kits also include complete operating instructions and suggested experiments.