Air-Cooled Laboratory Rheostat

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Air-Cooled Laboratory Rheostat
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The Air-Cooled Laboratory Rheostat is the classic lab solution for controlling voltages and currents.

  • Rheostat Controls Voltages and Currents
  • Three Binding Posts
  • Wire Winding on a Vitreous-Enameled Tube
  • Cast-Aluminum End Supports Hold the Tube
  • Aluminum Sliding Contact Carriage
Its features include a wire winding on a vitreous-enameled tube with cast-aluminum end supports to hold the tube. An aluminum sliding contact carriage, mounted on the slide bar, carries a copper contact as resistance and current rating is stamped on the upper surface of the contact carriage.

The rheostat includes three binding posts, one at each end of the copper winding and the other at one end of the slide bar, for electrical connections.