Alnico Bar Magnets

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Education / Learning Laboratory Specialist / Dallas, Texas
Yes, I recommend
These magnets are superior for demonstrating magnetic properties. They clearly repelled when like poles were placed near each other and attracted when opposites were together. They clearly depicted a magnetic field when placed on the acrylic frame with iron filings suspended in mineral oil. They are not marked with N and S, but a dot indicates like or unlike poles so that you could have a mystery or just note a convention labelling.
Reply associate Published 11/14/2017
Thank you for the great feedback!
P40024/3 ABM060 M41101
470148-646CS 2191.88 USD
470148-646 470122-646 470004-784
Alnico Bar Magnets
Alnico bar magnets are useful for classroom or lab experiments.

  • Perfect for lessons involving magnetization
  • Each magnet has permanently marked poles