AlniMAX II™ Stainless Steel Multipole Magnets

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470146-710CS 1025.95 USD
AlniMAX II™ Stainless Steel Multipole Magnets
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Stronger Than Alnico, But Won’t Attract Another Magnet.

  • Developed as an improved “cow magnet,” these 3" long x 1/2" diameter magnets are ideal for educational use too
  • The special special stainless steel alloy gives them great magnetic strength and remanence, as well as outstanding corrosion resistance
To protect the cow’s stomachs from damage by sharp metal buildup on the ends, the magnets do not have a pole at each end. Instead, many poles are distributed thoroughout, so the magnets attract small metal items all over, but don’t attract or repel another magnet! Check its field out with iron filings or Mag Chips! Package of three.