Altay® Muscular, Dual Sex, Open-Back Torso Model

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Altay® Muscular, Dual Sex, Open-Back Torso Model
Exposes Spine and Significant Muscles, Vessels and Bones

Composed of 28 parts, this exceptionally realistic reproduction of a human torso reveals all anatomical structures in their finest detail coupled with full accessibility. For close examination, the left side exposes all significant superficial and deeper muscles with vessels and bones, while the open back shows muscular layers as well as the vertebral column and associated nerve branches. A thoracic vertebra, including a section of spinal cord, is also removable for close examination of its anatomical details. The head is open to fully expose the brain on one side, and all muscular, neural, vascular and glandular structures are revealed in the section of the neck. To illustrate the varying reproductive organs, the included dissectible male and female urogenital systems are interchangeable. Each section is in three parts and the female system includes an embryo. Additional removeable structures include a two-part heart, two-part stomach, right and left lungs in two-parts each, two-part stomach, mammary gland, chest cover, kidney, liver with gallbladder, eye, descending thoracic aorta and esophagus, duodenum and spleen, small and large intestines with removable cover over portion of caecum, and thoracic vertebra (T12) with spinal cord. The torso is mounted on a base and comes with an interactive CD-ROM with accompanying illustrations and text. Size: 35 1/2"H x 13"W x 10 1/4"D.