Altay® Dual-Sex Torso Model

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470015-646EA 954.75 USD
Altay® Dual-Sex Torso Model
Models Human Biology Models
Student-Quality Torso At An Economical Price

This life-sized torso is so affordable you can outfit your class with several. It was designed in cooperation with the medical departments at the Universities of Rome and Beijing to ensure accuracy, and hand painted to give it a natural look and to feature the smallest details of internal organs. The head is opened to expose the brain. The 25 removable parts include half of the brain, one eye with optic nerve, trachea, aorta with esophagus, four-part lungs, liver with gall bladder, half of a kidney, two-part heart, stomach, pancreas with spleen, and the small and large intestine with removable appendix. It also includes four-part interchangeable male and female reproductive systems.